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Salt & De-icers

Salt and De-icers Belleville

Rock Salt:
Effective snow and ice melter
Commercial or residential use
30 bags per pallet 80lb
49 bags per pallet 50 lb
Extreme Melt:
Sodium, calcium, mag, and potassium
Fifteen naturally-occurring trace minerals and
soil buffers that protect vegetation
Easy to apply
Instant traction
49, 50lb bags per pallet
Mercury (Calcium Chloride/CMA):
Melts to -25
Highly visible SolarGlo orange marker for less tracking and waste
Dustec dust control
Nothing melts snow and ice faster
Safe on concrete & vegetation
Heavy duty, resealable packaging
50, 50lb Bags per pallet
Landscapers Choice:
Melts to -8
Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA)
No adverse effect on soil,
Vegetation, or environment
Biodegradable & nitrogen enhanced to
Provide plant support, boosts spring growth
50, 50lb Bags per pallet



Pickup Pricing
There is a 1% discount for prepayment of full loads.

Rock Salt 80lb Bag
Rock Salt 50lb bag
Rock Salt 25lb bag
Mercury Ice Melter
Extreme Melt
Landscapers Choice

Delivered Pricing

Pricing subject to change according to availability and without notice.
Mix & match of all listed products allowed, subject to availability.
Full loads are 18-24 pallets at our discretion.
Upon placing order, delivery will be made within five business days. Expedited or same day deliveries available.
Hi-lo unload available for an additional $195.00.
1/2 hour waiting of unloading time allowed, $16.25 charge for each additional 15 minutes.


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